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MC-9090 Series is RUGGED | Drop Test Videos

Motorola MC9000/MC9090 series durability & drop test videos

Motorola MC9090 Gun - click on the image to find out more about this mobile computer Motorola MC9090 Brick - click on the image to find out more about this mobile computer

This is one of the funniest videos we have seen in a long time. It is a 'must watch' Motorola video which will put a smile on your face. See Motorola mobile computers go where you would never expect them to go and pray you don't have staff like this!

In this video an MC-9090 series mobile computer is used like a hammer! Kicked, thrown into the air and it just keeps on working. (1:32)


In this short video the MC-9090 brick is thrown off a building and then run over by a pick up truck! Finally it is given a swim in a pond. (1:42)

Set to the theme music of "Mission Impossible" these guys decide to throw the MC-9000 out of a speeding Porsche. Titled "Destruction Impossible" was made by (3:00)


If you still aren't convinced about the durability of the MC9000 series, then watch this video. An MC9090 and an Intermec scanner are dropped from 85 feet/26 metres onto concrete! See which one still works after this astonishing drop test. (4:02)

After being run over with a forklift

Motorola MC9090 Gun after being run over by a forklift - see the damage to the handle and trigger. The Motorola SFS covered the repair under the extended warranty 


How can the Motorola (Symbol) MC-9000 series survive this kind of abuse?

The answer lies in the construction and materials used. In the fourth video where the MC-9090 was dropped from 26 metres you will notice how much it bounced compared to the Intermec that just went 'splat'. The bouncing actually helps to dissipate energy and the extra thick rubber on every corner strengthens the device. The plastic for the casing is very thick, yet light. We have seen the result of the MC-9090 'brick' version being run over by a forklift. The unit remained in one piece but the display had to be replaced. One could still turn the device on and off.

Still want something tougher?

2010 will bring the new MC9500K mobile computer. Click the image to find out more!

Motorola MC9500K mobile computer can sit in up to 1 metre of water for 30 minutes - no problems